Best Cast Iron Waffle Maker 2021

Cast Iron Waffle

What you need to know before buying a cast iron waffle maker

Do you prefer cast iron over electric, teflon-type of products? Do you want to make waffles on a camping site, grill? Then you are right here. We review the 3 leading Iron Waffle Makers here. Or just jump to the number one Cast Iron Waffle Maker – the High-End, Hand-Made Product here…

Let’s have a look, why chef’s like traditional waffle iron makers:

+ chefs prefer it over electric, teflon-type because it’s more down-to-earth, natural
+ cooking performance
+ durability (iron is forever)
+ simple design
+ don’t need electricity. Use it on fire pit, grill outside
+ cook on high heat without fears (not destroyed like Teflon… no harmful smoke)
+ durability is forever
+ easy to clean: handwash with water and stiff brush

– Iron waffle makers gets hot, very hot as it holds heat for a very long time
–> make sure a safe place
– don’t touch with bare hand, start brain before action!
– beware of glass stovetops -> be careful, if you drop it, the glass will break potentially
– heavy appliance
– it can rust if not properly cleaned (clean it by hand, heat it up so that water disappears

Let’s have a look at the products available, the selection:

#1 Rome’s Square Pie Iron Waffle Maker (Bestseller)

Do you want to toast waffles, pies and sandwiches over your firepit? This is the bestseller, definitely. Rome Industrie knows what they are doing. The history of this product goes back to 1964. It could be the original pie iron. It is heayvy duty design, raw forged iron, 28inch overall length.

A few thousand positive ratings tell you the story. Nevertheless, the star bar has been lowered by some buyers due the handles, which broke apart on the first use. Amazon replaced it and the second one came quicky. So far, so good.

+ Easy to use of firepit, camping site, grill
+ Quality of material
+ Giftable
+ 10 year warranty,
good responsivness of company in case of defect

– some buyers menton wobbly handles, breaked apart
– comes unseasoned, need to season it on grill over medium heat
– need to erase protective parrafin (MUST) before use

Get the Rome Square Pie Waffle Maker at Amazon here…

#2 Skeppshult Waffle Maker Heart Shape (High End Version)

If you prefer handmade, high-quality products, this is the one for you. Skeppshult knows what they are doing. Their history goes back to 1906. They have made the products by hand since 1906! Their foundries are in Scandinavia. M This one is masterclass, non-stick, easy to clean washable, 8,25inch size, without any harmful chemicals. Get it here directly from Amazon.

+ real hand made product, casted at very high temperaturs
+ cast iron is envirnomental friendly
+ hassle free cooking with anti-overflow design
+ heats quickly, quicker than electric waffle maker
+ well on gas, ceramic, radiant, electric ranges
+ handles are long enough to keep hands from flames
+ giftable

– an investment (3x times price of cheap version)
– packing is lousy

In case you prefer ordering at source, this is the link to the global site of skeppshult.

Lookin for Low Weight Aluminium Waffle Maker?

#3 Nordic Ware 15040 Cast Aluminium Stovetop Belgium Waffle Maker (Aluminium Alternative)

Would you like to get a belgium waffle iron in cast aluminium? This is the bestseller with hundreds of positive reviews. The business is a familiy-owned US business since 1946. They also know what they are doing.

If you don’t like PTFE at all, this is not for you. It clearly says on the packaging that it has non-stick coating on it. Yes, people us it on glass top stove as well as on other heating surfaces. Dimensions 17x8x2 inches

Get the NordicWare 15040 at Amazon here.
Buy the NordicWare 15040 at Walmart.

– aluminium not iron
– less durable the iron
– teflon as surface
– not for camping fire pit

+ less weight than iron
+ heat resistant plastic handle
+ bakes nicely
+ no seasoning needed
+ made in USA, family owned-business

Get the Nordicware Cast Aluminium Waffle Maker at Walmart here..

Old Fashion Waffles on a Cast Iron Waffle Maker

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