The Best Thin Waffle Maker in 2021

Do you like thin waffles? Looking for the Best Thin Waffle Maker? Whether it’s a cheap, frozen waffle or a Belgian waffle that’s thick and fluffy, waffles are delicious. A waffle maker allows you to create fresh waffles that taste so good. However, what if you want thin waffles?

Don’t get us wrong; we love the Belgian waffle. However, a thin waffle manages to be crispy, easy to freeze, and tends to have fewer calories. Waffles that are thin can be just as delicious as Belgian waffles.

However, you need a thin waffle maker to make delicious waffles. Duh. The problem is that there are so many. You may find several waffle makers for varying budgets, from $20 to $200. Which one should you pick? Should you just go for something that creates waffles, or should you spend more for a stainless steel waffles maker that is packed with features and is top rated? It can definitely be hard to decide.

That’s why we’re here to help. We’re going to list the top waffle makers on the market today, all at varying prices and with varying features. This article will make it much easier to find the maker that will create the best waffles for you.

If you’re looking for the best thin waffle maker (also known as a classic waffle maker) to deliver on some great thin waffles, read on.

What Should I Look for When Buying Thin Waffle Makers? 

When you’re looking for the best thin waffle maker, there are several things to consider. Let’s look at some of them.


Many waffle makers these days have grills that are made from non-stick materials. This means the waffle will come off without needing any oiling. The non-stick waffle maker is quite convenient and can save you some calories, so look for it.

You do have to be careful with this, however. Cheaper makers may claim to be nonstick, but they end up leaving residue behind, making it a pain to clean. Some even stick even if you apply a little bit of cooking spray. This can definitely be frustrating, so read the reviews and see if those waffles stick or not.

Shape of the Waffle

A waffle is going to taste like a waffle, but different waffle-makers can make it in different shapes. Some deliver in the traditional round or square shape. Others make heart-shaped waffles or are shaped like a nerdy character. Having waffles in a unique shape can definitely get your friends or family talking, so perhaps you may want to make some waffles like this.

Size of the Waffle

Okay, so you want a thin waffle maker that makes heart-shaped waffles. Great. How big do you want the waffle to be? Some classic waffle makers will make waffles that are big, medium, or mini. A bigger one is good for a feast, while a smaller one is great if you are watching your calories. Mini waffles also work well if you are traveling and need a smaller maker.

Amount of Waffles

Some waffle makers can create more than one waffle, which is good if you want to share or need to make multiples. Or, maybe you just really love waffles and want to eat both yourself. We won’t judge.

No Drip

With waffle makers, it is a little annoying trying to get the right amount of batter. Sometimes, you put in too little. However, you can also put too much, which makes the waffle maker drip batter. Some have a no-drip tray that catches the batter so you don’t have to worry about it getting all over your countertop. This may be something you want to consider. Even if you are careful, waffles can get a little messy.


Some classic waffle makers rotate, allowing you to turn the waffle over in order to brown both the top and bottom. Usually, this is a feature of a round waffle, so you’re probably not going to have heart shaped waffles you can flip over. With that said, good waffle makers end up not even needing this.

Brown Control

Some people want a waffle normally done, while others like well done, crispy waffles. Whether you like crispy waffles or you want to avoid them, a waffle maker with the ability to control how brown it gets is for you. You can get the best crispy waffles out there.

With that said, you may need to experiment with the brown control if you want to get waffles that are ideal to your needs. When you do have the ideal level, however, a waffle maker that has brown control can take the guesswork out of it from then on.

Even Cooking

One problem that cheaper waffle makers possess is that they don’t cook the waffles evenly. Instead, they may end up cooking them more in different areas. For example, your waffle may be crispy on the outer portions, but in the center it feels undercooked.

If you read some reviews, you can usually find people who will tell you that the waffle maker doesn’t cook waffles evenly.

Easy to Clean

One downside of any waffle maker, be it a thin waffle maker or a Belgian waffle maker, is that they can sometimes be hard to clean. Food, especially if it’s burnt on, can stick, and it can take forever to clean it. Some waffle makers have removable grills, which makes cleaning it easier. Others are so non-stick that food will never get stuck on there. Either way, make sure your classic waffle maker is easy to clean.

Removable or Interchangeable Plates

As we just mentioned, removable plates make it easier for you to clean, but there are other reasons for them. Some have interchangeable plates, which means you can make a different type of waffle. Another reason for interchangeable plates is because you can make sandwiches. Some waffle makers just have plates you can’t remove, and that’s fine, but who doesn’t like choice?

Having a waffle maker that makes more than just waffles is also good if you have a small cooking area or you are traveling.

Safety Features

When picking a classic waffle maker, you may want one that won’t snap shut on you as you’re getting the waffle out. You may also want one that turns off automatically when the waffle is finished, as you don’t want to accidentally leave the waffle maker on. Obviously, no waffle maker is 100 percent safe; there’s always a chance you could get burned. However, a good waffle maker will reduce your chances of that.

Easy Indicator Lights

Indicator lights will tell you when the waffle maker is hot enough, or when the waffle is done. The best classic waffle maker has indicator lights that are reliable and easy to read.

Besides indicator lights, you may also want to pick a round classic waffle maker that has an indicator sound. Should you be out of the kitchen, or should the indicator light fail you, having a sound that alerts you when the waffles are done is a good thing.


Besides the fact that you should pick a thin waffle maker that will last you a long time, you should get one that is durable. For example, should it fall off the countertop, you want one that will survive the fall and live to cook waffles another day.

Another aspect of durability you may want to consider is whether or not the waffle maker is constructed from tough parts. Cheap makers may have low-quality parts, which means it will die much faster. Meanwhile, a waffle maker that is packed with features may be designed to last you a long time.


When it comes to waffle irons, especially expensive ones, you want a classic waffle maker that the company stands by. As such, you want one that is built to last for years.

With any warranty, always read the fine print to make sure that the company will honor their warranty should you need it.


If you are looking for a basic thin waffle maker, it’s not too expensive. However, if you want a waffle maker that has more features, there are higher budget ones as well. A mid-range manages to combine plenty of features and quality with value, so that’s another consideration.

And these are just a few things you should look for when you’re considering a waffle maker, be it Belgian or thin. Consider all these features before you purchase one.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Thin Waffle Makers

We tried to pick from a variety of waffle irons, from the classic round waffle maker to a thin waffle maker that has a unique shape. We picked from different price points and also picked the best thin waffle maker that had the best reviews. Now, let’s get started.

#1: Euro Cuisine WM520 (Best Value – All-Purpose)

First place on this list goes to this thin waffle maker that is a mid-range machine. This makes heart-shaped waffles. The entire waffle isn’t shaped like a heart, but rather, it is broken into five heart-shaped sections, and you can break them off and give them to your love or eat them all yourself.

It has everything you expect from a thin waffle maker. Indicator lights tell you when the waffle is done. The plates themselves are non-stick and eco-friendly. You can adjust the temperature to whatever you want. Finally, this waffle maker is made from pure chrome, giving it a durable, well-crafted look and feel.

Reviews of this thin waffle maker have been positive. Most say it makes waffles that are thin and crispy. Others say this waffle maker is easy to use. A few reviewers did criticize its uneven heating, but they were in the minority.

Overall, this thin waffle maker is probably the first one you should look at if you’re considering one. It has everything a mid-range thin waffle maker should have, from stainless steel, non-stick surfaces, the ability to make some delicious waffles, and a price that should work for most people. Check out this waffle iron today.

#2: All-Clad WD700162 (Best Waffler Maker)

If you are a waffle enthusiast, it doesn’t hurt to spend some extra money for a waffle iron that will make the best classic round waffles money can buy.

This has several features that may make you want to purchase it instead of the Euro Cuisine. For one thing, it has brown levels. Instead of your having to make some guesswork, you can select how brown you want your thin waffles to be. Whether you like lightly done classic round waffles, or round classic waffles that are crispy, you’ll get the right amount of waffle doneness according to your needs.

This classic round waffle maker also has steam-release, which allows for the waffles to be fluffy inside, yet crispy outside. Besides that, this waffle maker does have an indicator light and sound so you’ll know it’s done.

Reviews of this thin waffle maker are positive overall, with many saying it’s the best around if you want the classic round waffle. For many, it has lasted a long time and makes the perfect waffles every time, making it a breakfast favorite.

Negative reviews center around people getting lemons. Despite the fact that they are in the minority, the negative reviews are voted to the top, making you think it’s a bad waffle maker. Don’t let that fool you. It’s one of the best thin waffle makers around.

Overall, this is a great thin waffle maker if you love waffles and want one to last you a long time. Alternatively, it may be a good stainless steel, non-stick waffle maker if you are running a restaurant and need something of professional quality. For some, the price may be too much, but if you are always making waffles, it’s a small investment that many will find to be worth it.

#3: Black+Decker 3-in-1 WM2000SD (Best Waffle Maker with Interchangeable Plates)


Black+Decker 3-in-1 WM2000SD 

As we mentioned earlier, some waffle irons have plates you can take off. There are some reasons why this is useful. For one, it’s much easier to wash those stainless steel, non-stick plates. For another, you can change up the plates and use them to make different foods. This thin waffle maker creates waffles, paninis, and can be used as an electric grill.

Be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this baby can do it all. It has a drip tray, which works well for batter or for grease. Reviews of this thin waffle maker have overall been positive, with most people saying that it does all three functions well. There were some criticisms, such as the lack of an on/off switch (plugging and unplugging it turns it on or off) or people who got duds. This is also one of those products where the small amount of negative reviews got voted to the top, deceiving buyers a little bit.

Overall, this is a great thin waffle maker if you want something that can do it all. You can make some great paninis with this thing and be able to grill too. While you should buy them separately if you can, this works well if you live in a very small home, or you are traveling and don’t want to bring a stainless steel thin waffle maker, grill, and sandwich maker separately.

#4: Dash Mini Maker DMS001AQ (Best Low Cost)

If you’re looking for round classic thin waffles and you don’t have much of a budget, this thin waffle maker is perfect.

As the name implies, this makes mini waffles. It’s great for children or for people who are watching their calories. Also, mini waffles are not only good for breakfast but for dessert too.

This waffle maker isn’t anything fancy. Just plug it in, and when it heats up, pour the batter on its non-stick plates. Then, take it out when the indicator light says so. There are no fancy controls or features. However, it may be what people are looking for. Another feature of this classic round waffle maker is that it’s available in well over a dozen colors and patterns. Picking a round classic waffle maker that fits your personality just works.

Reviews of this round waffle maker have been positive, with most saying it’s a handy, cheap thin waffle maker that works well. A couple reviewers got duds, but the majority of reviewers loved what they got.

Overall, this is an amazing waffle maker if you want a waffle but don’t have too much money to your name. While the waffle it makes is small, many will find that price worth it. It doesn’t have all the features that stainless steel waffle makers of a higher budget have, but for small budgets or people who want a waffle maker for travel, it’s worth it.

#5: Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker (Best Geek Waffle Maker) – Currently out of Stock – Check availability here

That’s no moon; it’s a waffle! You can find plenty of geeky waffle irons available, from Pokeball ones to Marvel. However, this is our personal favorite. This round waffle maker makes round, classic waffles that look like the iconic planet destroyer.

It’s a mid-range waffle maker, but it does have some quality features, such as non-stick stainless steel plates and a browning adjustment. It even has an area where you can roll up the cord if you so wish.

Reviews of this thin waffle maker have been quite positive. Most say it’s a fun little thin waffle maker that has some quality to it as well. It makes perfect impressions of the Death Star every time. Some reviewers did say the waffles were more like pancakes and that it had trouble cooking evenly, but most enjoyed it.

Overall, this is a great waffle maker if you want to have something that shows off your nerd cred. There are other stainless steel waffle makers that represent other fandoms, so check them out if this one doesn’t tickle your fancy. It is definitely one way to enjoy a waffle in the morning.

Budget Options

The Dash Mini Maker is the cheapest waffle maker around, but if you’re looking for a non-mini waffle maker, here are some cheap ones you should consider.

#1: Budget: Brentwood Appliances TS-242 Waffle Maker

This waffle maker creates two square waffles and has everything you’d expect from a waffle maker, including a cool-touch handle and indicator lights. Its reviews are a little mixed, with some people saying it cooks waffles well for the price and others saying that the waffles stick or don’t cook evenly. However, if you are not satisfied, you can always return it.

#2 Budget: Megamixer Waffle Maker

This one is similar to the Brentwood Appliances, where it makes two waffles and has all of the basic features. As of this article, there are no reviews on it, so give it a go and see if it’s for you.

#3 Budget: Holstein Housewares Waffle Maker

 Here is a waffle maker that is more portable and does all the basics. Reviews are positive overall as well. However, you might as well go with the Dash Waffle Maker. Get it at Amazon here…

You can also find other cheap irons on sites such as Wish, but they can be of varying quality. If you’re looking for a waffle maker for cheap, however, that may be the best you get.

What Is a Belgian Waffle Maker?

The name is self-explanatory. A Belgian waffle maker makes Belgian waffles. So, what is a Belgian waffle? Depending on where you are, that depends.

In Belgium, there are several types of waffles exclusive to the country. This is not what the Belgian waffle is in North America. In North America, a Belgian waffle is a waffle that has deep pockets, light batter, and bigger squares. These squares can hold syrup, butter, or other toppings.

The uses of a Belgian waffle are quite diverse. It can be used for breakfast or it can be topped with several desserts as well. Either way, you have a delicious waffle. Thin waffles are not considered Belgian.

How Much Are Waffle Makers?

Waffle makers can vary in price, going for as little as $10 and going up to $100 or beyond. If you’re looking for a waffle maker, here are some features that can affect price.

Size of Waffles

If a waffle maker creates mini waffles, it is probably going to cost less. Meanwhile, if the waffle maker creates giant, Belgian waffles, you may be expected to pay a little more for it. It all depends.


Cheaper waffle makers may be made from cheap materials such as plastic, grates that aren’t as nonstick as claimed, or be made from other parts that won’t last too long. Meanwhile, a more expensive maker will be made from stainless steel, have true nonstick grates, and last you a long time.


If you just want some waffles, you may pick a waffle maker that lacks in features. These usually heat up, have an indicator light that tells you when it’s done, and don’t have anything advanced. Meanwhile, a more expensive waffle maker will have advanced timers, browning control, and indicator sounds to tell you when the waffle maker is finished.


A sale can determine the price of a waffle maker as well. Something that is a little pricy may suddenly be affordable – for example, during Cyber Monday sales.


Finally, a used waffle maker can be cheaper, especially if you buy it at a thrift shop. The only challenge is that they can vary in quality. You may end up with a gently used maker that lasts, or a dud that doesn’t even turn on for you.

What Is the Best Waffle Maker?

There is no definitive best waffle maker because your needs may vary. This article lists five that should fit most needs. If you’re looking for a quick pick, our #1 on this list was the EuroCuisine WM520, because it is a mid-range that has plenty of features and doesn’t cost too much. If you want something cheaper or more expensive, our article has you covered.

Verdict: Your Best Thin Waffle Makers

And there we go. If you are looking for the best thin waffle maker, these are the best money can buy. In case you were busy chomping down some thin waffles, here are the top 5 again.

First, we have the Euro Cuisine WM520. This waffle iron is the best mid-range, creating thin waffles that are heart shaped. This non-stick, stainless steel waffle maker also has features that will satisfy most waffle enthusiasts.

Second, there’s the All-Clad WD700162. This is a pricier waffle maker, but it’s wo it if you make waffles all the time. This stainless steel, non-stick waffle maker has temperature control, indicator lights and sounds, and is overall one of the toughest available.

Third, we have the Black+Decker 3-in-1 WM2000SD. This is great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as it has interchangeable plates. These plates include sandwich and grill plates. If you want all three and don’t want to buy separate units, this may work for you.

Fourth, we have the Dash Mini Maker. This is an acclaimed mini waffle maker, with stainless steel, non-stick plates. It is very cheap and the waffles it makes are small, but it’s quite high quality for what you pay.

And finally, we have the Death Star Waffle Maker. At time of writing, it was out of stock. This is a great waffle maker if you want something geeky. It makes waffles that look like the Death Star from Star Wars. While some may argue the waffles are more like pancakes, we can’t help but love this stainless steel, non-stick waffle maker.

There we go. Who doesn’t love waffles? Having a good waffle maker can make your cooking experience so much better. Buying the first waffle maker you see may end up not giving you everything you need from it, so this guide can help you pick the ideal waffle maker.

If you’re looking for a non-Belgian waffle maker, these thin waffle iron machines work well. We hope you find the right waffle maker and create the best tasting waffles money can buy. Good luck.

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